Welcome To Netjinx--KPN Tunnel Ultimate & Revolution, HTTP Injector

A group for internet enthusiasts who believe that internet access should be made free for everyone.
We provide 30 days configurations for HTTP Injector and KPN Tunnel using fast SSH so that we can get the fastest solid connection.
What help can you get from us? AFFORDABLE INTERNET ACCESS!!! It's not convenient for students, unemployed, less fortunate people, etc. to spend P70 or P90 for 1GB or 2GB of data allocation for a week. That's why we're here to help our KABABAYANS in our own way to fight poverty and adapt to our ever-changing world.
We extended this group to our friends in Indonesia. We can learn a lot from sharing and exchanging thoughts and ideas.

What are required?
- Android phone
- Http Injector, KPN Tunnel Ultimate, KPN Tunnel Revolution
- Network SIM (Globe, TM, Smart)
- Promo as needed for configuration as per network

How does these VPN works?
- converts your data allocation for specific site only such as Facebook or Instagram to be used for general use (any internet site)
- provides secure network protocol preventing your IP to be traced
- allows access to blocked websites or country restrictions

For Globe TM, is the most flexible network allowing any promo to be used. App promos such as SUPERFB10, GAMES15, or VIBER30 only provides 100mb of data allocation and resets every 12 midnight. Other promos such as ML10 only provides 20mb as described by Globe. You may install Triangle app to check your accumulated data allocation from all the offers you accepted.
For Smart, at the moment we only have configurations for Luzon area. You can use YOUTUBE-based promos such as AOC20. You must limit your usage up to 1 hour per day because free YOUTUBE is only available for 1 hour with any P20-promo.

I didn't include TnT and Sun because the former gets blocked easily once you exceeded 200mb and the latter is very slow.